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Data Privacy Statement

F. Jaumann GmbH & Co. KG notices the applicable protection of data privacy legal regulations due to data acquisition, usage and processing of personal data.
Filling in personal data (e-mail, address, name, etc.) is optional. The personal data filled in will only be used for internal affairs to answer your inquiries or give you further information.
All rights reserved. Privacy statement, June 2009

Data privacy statement for the use of Facebook plug-ins (Like button)

Plug-ins of the Facebook social network (1601 South California Avenue, Palo Alto, CA 94304, USA) are implemented on our website. You can recognize the Facebook plug-ins at the Facebook company logo or the „Like-button (Like it)“ on our websides, linked to the Facebook plug-ins. Please find an overview of Facebook‘s plug-ins here:

If you click on these buttons, your browser will connect to a Facebook server and Facebook will get information about your IP-address. If you click on the Facebook „Like-button“ while your still connected with your account, you can link the content of our websites with your Facebook profile. Then Facebook can combine your visit on our websites with your user account.

If you don´t want Facebook to combine your visits (of our websites) with your Facebook account, please log out before using the plug-ins.

Please notice, that we have no knowledge about the content of the transferred data, nor do we know what Facebeook does with these data. For further information, please have a look on Facebook‘s policy:

Source: Taken from ,‘ | Facebook-Disclaimer, April 2011